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The Greek Brand Vinge Project was established in mid-2014 to convey the experience of Greek summer. Vicky's and George's need for expression and creation has pushed them to design special summer Βags and Αccessories and then to create their own swimwear collection, and characterized them as an authentic Greek Summer Brand.

Our inspiration combines the white and blue that illuminates Greece and the wonderful Mediterranean waters but also nature,  as well as the exotic elements and cultures from our own trips. We want our creations to exhale a light and cool mood, youth friendly exclusive patterns and unique designs.  In our Collections you will discover Summer Backpacks, Beach Bags and Summer Clutch Bags in bold colors, wonderful textures and unique elements that give all the excitement of Greek summer to the ones that wears them.

Our Swimwear Collection is known for its high quality, amazing body fit, minimalistic forms and the premium texture of the fabrics that we use. Bohemian Chic, Girly patterns and Feminine Monochromatics in Bikinis and One-pieces, which signifies confidence, elegance and playful mood.

Vinge Project is an Ethical Fashion Brand, we stay true to our believes and use as much as possible local materials. All our creations are designed and manufactured in Greece. Our philosophy is through our aesthetic to create unforgettable summer memories, cheerful feelings and vivid experiences.

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