The Skies are Clear and Blue, the Sun Brighter than ever. This is the best time to Fly.
I bet you have the wind on your side.

Renaissance SS'21

We recreate our lives, we rebirth ourselves, a new stage is coming.
A note, a dream, a desire, it is the time to embody again freedom.
Don't forget what you wished for.

Dare to Face the New

Leather, Silk, Cotton, Corduroy, Wood.
Life has many textures, some soft and joyful, some rough and challenging. 
We all need to slide between then and gain the best of the ride.


The morning sun beams makes her skin glow, the cold fall breeze is blushing her cheeks.
Her eyes are talking about determination in a harmonious way
and the smirk in her lips fill her beautiful story. 

-EFTYCHIA- Collection Spring Summer 2020

Sometimes as one, sometimes as you and i, sometimes as us.
We seek and we find happiness, we lose and we seek again.
We are inspired by unity, humanity and the endless power we have inside us all.

-VOYAGE- Collection Spring Summer 2019

This Collection is all about travelling the world and exploring.
A cascade of icons, places and wealthy souled people. This season awaken us, we were reborn in wisdom, skils and will.